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Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I did my 3 month update yesterday and well, it did grow, but not quite to apl. but im happy with the thickness and the health of my hair.. it was truely a lesson learned though..

next time i will have to rollerset and just flatiron the roots and learn about saran wrapping. also oddly enough i thought i would have a hard time flatironing the roots but it was the ends that i had a hard time with, the roots straightened perfectly. my ends were dry but i know its the extra protien ive been using.

over all though im happy with my hair but i will be cutting back on the heavy protien and just use silk protien for a while and figure out a way to combat my "weak spot". so all in all this 5.5 months of hair care has been great. and so not a waste of time i've achieved health thickness and length.

so my next update will be in May and my short term goal is full apl by July.

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