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Thursday, February 7, 2008

its a balancing act

i sure do hope i can get my hair balanced out, because that breakage in my weak spot (back middle section of hair) is getting ugly!!! i left the 2 min keratin reconstructor on for a bit last night... (ei it actually felt like it did something...) then i dc'd for about 20 w/ heat. i'll be glad when i can leave it in for 2 min and use it less often.. like scurl, i only have to use it on my new growth once a day every other day instead of 2 times perday every single day!!! i cant wait to try the coconut milk and avacado this weekend. i think im really close to apl, ive been good and havent done length shots since november. we shall see on wednesday 13th. oh yeah as of today im 14 weeks post!!!!!!!!!!!! i think its about to really start feeling like a real "stretch" i dont think ive ever gone longer than 3 months before. doign this really makes me question why i relaxed so often.... now if i get under the dryer versus airdrying it'll take like 15 minutes (or longer) for me to detangle and moisterize my hair.. im also not sure about the texture of my hair.. the first 1/2 inch in the front looks straight nappy (minus the edges, they are thin and curly and soft) but that front, whoo!!!! i can little bitty waves up there i think thats going to be my tightest curls up there.. jeez!!!!

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Good for people to know.