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Monday, December 8, 2008

Spectrum Natural Organic Coconut Oil

i cannot get enough of this stuff!!! loves it! it has a low solidifying temp, and because i dont want the oil hardening on my hair in these below freezing temps, i only use it at night now to seal in my moisture, where its nice and warm... oh yeah i prefer this over EVOO anyday!


BuenaventuraAvenue aka FuturePharmD said...

I like this stuff too! It smells great and I use it on my body and my face too. Yesterday, when I was outside (it was about 40 degrees) I touched my hair and it felt stiff and I was confused. But now that I've read this it all makes sense to me. I feel a little dense lol.

Southern_diva_natural said...

noooo dont feel that way i wouldnt have known either!