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Monday, April 6, 2009

S.A.A. Update

So I recently was compelled to try falsies for a more dramatic look. Well you couldn't even tell I had them on! They looked just like my real eyelashes. So today I remembered I've been using saa since around valentines day, and well it must be working. I'd forgotten because I put saa in all my mascaras, so I kinda just forgot... I don't have to use nearly as much to get the desired effect. Just 2 coats and curl... I KNOW THESE ARENT THE BEST COMPARISONS, BUT TAKE MY WORD.. YOU COULDNT TELL... Tis all hunnies!




little ebene said...

I have stumbled on your blog and i really really LOVE your eye makeup ! it is gorgeous !!! Can i ask you what i have used on your eyes ??

gg said...

nice makeup--tutorial?! :)