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Saturday, January 5, 2008

ok my minds made up...

The more i consider stretching my relaxer for 6 months, the more and more i consider going natural. i think i could do it and it'd be a great thing, i dont think i would do anything drastic like BC, but just throw away my relaxer and become a natural head... my new growth is growing in pretty good and i really am in love with the thickness of it.. i know i'll absolutly have to see how the next 4 months go but i really think its do-able and would look really pretty.. im envious of princess' hair and how beautiful it is.
ok so as im writing this blog ive decided that i will definately do this, so it is no longer a relaxer stretch it is a relaxer grow out!!!!!! im excited very very excited... its something new and exciting and challenging!!!!! i wonder if being an natural lady will suite me?

lets see how i feel when the summer rolls around!!!!

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