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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My First Challenge

My first hair care challenge officially begans tommorrow. Im very excited about it too. I wonder if I can really hide my hair until Feb. Since I found this new protective style and got my dryer for roller sets I really havent used my chi except for my roots because they get really wavy im trying this texlaxed thing out and I think thats going to go pretty well. I also think that the S-Curl and the co-washes should help with my next 12-13 week stretch. I did a Co wah last night and my roots were really soft afterwards. Im also starting to notic that my hair is really curly with the Water Based Moisterizer. I hope I can reach my 2 inch goal by Valentines day! that'll put my at 5 inches (maybe) in 5 months!

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