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Thursday, January 8, 2009


Im getting really tired of these relaxed ends that are hanging on for dear life!!! I see why alot of people BC around the 14 month mark!!! So on Tuesday I did a 1 inch trim, yay!!! The ONLY reason I didn't do the whole thing is because I don't want to deal with alot of uneven-ness. My crown still has alot of relaxer left, so im leaving it be for a little while longer... I haven't had a trim in over a year so it was due time for one... I'm still going to up my protien too, because even after the trim I still had broken hair in the sink... I'm thinking Joico K-pak as well as AO-GPB... BC is planned @ 20 months (July '09)... 6 more months... Until then i plan on
•keeping my hair up and in a baggy
•direct heat April & July (length checks)
•incorperating protien once a week
•restarting Ayurvedic tea rinses
•washing once a week
•dc'ing twice a week

I'll keep ya updated

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