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Thursday, January 8, 2009


Since I'm a long term transitioner, I thought I would list some things I would tell a newbie. These are things that have helped me through this transition so far...

• Months 1-6 listen to your hair! Keep your demarcation line moist as all get out, throw some protien in (mild) often to keep it strong. Don't be afraid of protien it's not bad, just find what works for YOUR hair. Dust when you see splits and such. Keep your scalp clean. Try not combing as often and see how that works. Moisturize and seal twice a day. If you're at shoulder length try to keep your hair up and off harsh fabrics (cotton, wool).

• Months 7-12 if you're like me, by this point your relaxed hair is fighting a losing battle against the natural hair. If your goal is to get alot of length and your ends are healthy, I say hide the scirrors. If you're ready to get that much closer to natural-ness slowly start trimming. You have to make sure you've mentally prepared yourself for the shrinkage but I say the ability to effortlessly switch between straight or curly is worth it.


I've only reached month 14 so that's all I can say... It does get easier though trust me!


.erika. said...

thanks girl! Im at month 4 and im clueless to a certain point lol but i am learning so thats great :)

Southern_diva_natural said...

no problem.. dont hesitate to ask questions.. there are no dumb questions with me!