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Monday, March 22, 2010


I've realized that many of you may not be familiar with the type of blog that I render. This blog is for African American women that have hair problems. We all have them right? When combing your hair it ends up all over the floor, and on your clothes. When its wet it tangles really bad, or when you come out of your sew in your hair is the same length it was 2 months ago. Is this normal? Sadly for some it just may be. WEll thats just what this blog is for. To help you end all of your hair woes. I will provide tips for excellent hair care and maintanance, that your current stylist either hasnt told you, or just doesnt know herself. I AM NOT A LISCENCED COSMETOLOGIST, and i do not plan on venturing out into that field. What I have done is researched methods and techniques for African American hair to be the best it can be. I am not promising miraculous results in a short period of time, nor am I selling anything. I am here to give tips on how to preserve (or obtain) that sexy hair!

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