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Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I've blogged about this before, but this is a confusing subject and needs to be brought up again. I was talking to someone about hair not too long ago and she brought up breakage. What she was describing was actually shedding though. Needless to say she had no idea that there was a difference between the two. This isn't the time I had to introduce this knowledge to someone either. Ok so...
Go to your bathroom sink, or vanity area.
Comb your hair as you normally would (from the bottom up, on mosturized hair), but make sure to lean your torso over the sink or counter-top so you combing your hair directly over it.
What do you see?
Nothing?!??!! Great!
Little hairs (shorter than the rest of you hair)?!!??
I would suggest:::
Mild protien
Deep condition with heat (put EXTRA on the ends)
Apply leave INS
Everynight until your next wash day use the baggy method with a great moisturizer.
If you are relaxed or wearing a straight style, baggy just the ends with a moisturizer. Simply apply your fave moisturizer, seal with an oil, wrap your hair into a bun, and put a sandwich baggie on your bun.
If you don't mind waking up to wet hair to can whole head baggy. Simply apply for fave moisturizer and put on a plastic bag.
Try baggying for a few days and then try the combing assessment again over the sink.
Is hair still there?
On your next wash day ax the clarifying shampoo and protien. Protien can help stop breakage yes! I would like to add, that until youve gotten your moisture level in check, go easy on the protien because it may dry your hair out even more.
For the next 2 washes only use a moisturizing deep conditioner with steam.
Continue working on this. Finding the right balance for your hair can take a while.
Carols Daughter Some of Maugarites Magic
Paul Mitchell The Conditioner
Clarifying shampoo:
Organic roots stimulator aloe rid

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