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Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Ok, so after telling you guys that I had tried black tea rinses to assist in these shedding issues that Ive been having for the past 2 months or so. i knew about the successful benefits that had been reported by many ladies of these rinses, but my total understanding of reaping the maximum benefits was a tad bit off. The term is "Black Tea RINSE", with the key word here being rinse. A final rinse of black tea should be applied to the hair (for me) to reap the most benefits. Meaning I was basically rinsing away the tea before giving it time to do its job. This is also the case for ACV rinses. My final rinse has always been water! So after twisting my hair 2 days ago and sighing everytime I saw more hair come out, I decided to get back on the hair board and THOROUGHLY read the thread. After reading for a while there it was... this is to be done as a FINAL rinse. Needless to say after doing this I FINALLY saw the results I have been after, well sorta, my hair is still in twists that I've been co-washing everyday after working out, followed by (you guessed it), a black tea rinse! So I'll really get to see if it worked this weekend when i take my twists down. YAY!!!

boil 2 cups of water
remove from heat
steep 2 bags of tea for 20 mins (1 green for conditioning & 1 black for shedding)
remove bags and let tea cool (warm tea feels good on the scalp NOT hot)
co-wash (while I shower)
rinse with water
rinse with tea
moisturise & seal

Tis all!

**side note
I've read many different ways of doing the BTRs. Some ladies let their tea steep longer, some ladies do it as a conditioning treatment with a plastic bag and then rinse it out. some ladies use alot more tea bags than I do. I cant handle caffeine in high doses so this is the simplest most effective way for me and my lifestyle.

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